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November 13, 1928 Robert Denniston leased the land from Horace B. Morrison. Mr. Denniston was a friend of the Bacons who have an island on the lake.
Nicatous was a camp for boys until 1937. 1929 Denniston built Camp Nicatous for boys ages 8-17 that ran until 1937. In the spring and fall he ran it as a sporting camp.
1937 Camp Nicatous for boys went out of business and in 1938 Jack and Cissie Williams purchased the buildings (not the land) from the bank and continued to run it as a sporting camp.
Adjacent to the lodge was Charlie Potter's place, and in 1941 Mr. Williams bought Potter's camps for the lodge.
1944 the main lodge and one cabin burned to the ground and were rebuilt in the Spring of 1945. With the loss from the fire Mr. Williams sold Potter's side to Duffy and Judy Lewis.
1947 Duffy purchased the main lodge and camp from Jack Williams and the land from the bank.
1947 Duffy sold Potter's side to Kay Chamberlin (grand daughter of western explorer Horace Greely) as an anniversary gift for her husband Harmon.
1954 Bill Bruglas took over Nicatous Lodge from Duffy until 1958 when the Chamberlins took over both camps on the northern shore of the lake.
1975 The Chamberlins deeded the land, lodge, and camps to the University of Maine for their forestry department.
1977 Barry and Joan Tyne purchased all the property from the University of Maine, and in 1984 sold Nicatous Lodge and Camps to Peter and Christina Norris.
1997 Gary and Denise Betz took over.
2002 Ron and Linda Sheldon took over.
2008 In early June Ray and Christine Sealey purchased the lodge from Ron and Linda Sheldon and are working hard to maintain the Nicatous tradition.
2009 Ron and Linda Sheldon again acquired ownership and are now operating the lodge.
2010 Jeff and Theresa Harriman, themselves from the Nicatous area, are now owners and proprietors of the lodge, reporting a very successful 2010-2011 snowmobiling season.
In January 2013, Dave Dane and Steve Schuster take ownership of the Lodge and retain Jeff and Theresa Harriman as caretakers. Dave and Steve have been enjoying Lake Nicatous for over thirty years and look forward to owning and managing the Lodge for years to come.
At the left  is a picture of the cover from a 1938 brochure for Nicatous Lodge and Cabins. Click the link below the image to view more of the brochure.
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Coordinates: 45.125 degrees N Latitude, 68.125 degrees W Longitude
Latitude: 45.125 N
Longitude: 68.125 W


Beautiful Autumn Foliage
Autumn Foliage
Nightime View of the Lodge
Lodge at Night
View of the Lodge Arial View of Nicatous Lodge and Cabins Canoe Pulled Up on the Shore
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