Dave Dane; Steve and Patty Schuster
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Nicatous Lodge and Cabins

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Rent the Lodge and our beautiful grounds for your family reunion, wedding, or group event.

The Nicatous Lodge Team:

Cathie and Dave Dane:

Dave's Maine roots go back several generations. His dad was born on the kitchen table of a farmhouse, less than 60 miles as the crow flies from the Lodge. Dave's family gravitated south and eventually to Massachusetts, but Dave returned to Maine to graduate from Colby College in 1976. He has been spending his summers in Maine ever since.

While enjoying a successful nationwide career in telecommunications, Dave has been returning year after year to the area. First as a co-owner of a camp on Lake Nicatous, and then since 2012 as a co- owner of the lodge. Dave has had a 40 year relationship with the lake and explains, I have travelled extensively in the Lake Nicatous area! Dave is the point person on all of the business aspects of the Lodge including marketing and group quotes.

Dave's wife Cathie helps him manage and run the business. Cathie grew up in Johnstown Pa and she enjoys the towering pines, the rolling hills, and the surrounding water at the Nicatous Lodge. She finds peace in the solitude of the area and she enjoys sharing those experiences with the birds, mammals, and reptiles that she encounters here. She is a wealth of information for those seeking to observe the wildlife. She loves the remoteness of the area, the change of the seasons, and the absence of most signs of civilization. She is an avid gardener and a devoted pet owner.

Patty and Steve Schuster:

Steve made his first trip to the Nicatous area, from Cape Anne Massachusetts as a child some 6o years ago. His dad hailed from Gloucester and had some connections to the Lake. Steve's imagination was ignited by the landscape, the wilderness, and the fishing and he has made it a point to return year after year ever since.

The Schusters live in Saco Maine and Steve works in Portland where he is the Senior Acquisitions officer for the Northern New England Housing Investment Fund. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in property management to the Lodge where he is our point person on the facilities and physical plant. Steve's fingerprints are all over the property!

Patty Schuster has been fishing Lake Nicatous since 1988 when she made her first trip there with Steve. She grew up in the Minneapolis area and spent her summers on the lake in Wisconsin so she is not stranger to Summer Lake vacations. An avid fly fisherman, Patty has been an educator and an art therapist working in northern New England for her entire career. For much of the past several seasons, she has been the face of the lodge, greeting our customers and monitoring most of the details of our operations. She is also responsible for the procurement and outfitting of the Lodge and our cabins. Her keen eye for detail is on display inside and out on the property.

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Coordinates: 45.125 degrees N Latitude, 68.125 degrees W Longitude
Latitude: 45.125 N
Longitude: 68.125 W


Beautiful Autumn Foliage
Autumn Foliage
Nightime View of the Lodge
Lodge at Night
View of the Lodge Arial View of Nicatous Lodge and Cabins Canoe Pulled Up on the Shore
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